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 The Death of Love

The Death of Love- A Photo Poem by Anuj Nair

The Death of Love

Spotty the wide-eyed beauty
in the deer herd, my dear buddy 
I know my heart's still not frozen
as it aches with every pulsation,
weighed down by his thoughts.

In the fringe of the jungle
the breezy lush meadow
in a cosy plush bungalow
live the perky landlady,
Who named him Spotty.


His cohort often frolic
Arms around his neck 
Sweet kisses on his crown
gaze into those eyes and blazon,
"You're my lucky charm, my Spotty".

Friendly canines Lotto and Lotty 
guard her fenced property
Barks, warns of predators
Tigers, leopards, wild dogs.

The yard around her mansion
with flora rich and grand
A couple of men to tend,
her garden from odd raids 
by langurs, boars and bears. 

Guests from far off lands
Visit her once a while
Proudly she stood with a smile
as they praise her luck, awestruck
while she pets the lovely buck 

Every deer in the jungle 
knew 'her land' is safe terrain
Same with the predators
who seldom dare approach 
the fence, they dare not encroach

One night two hungry wildcats, 
Not knowing what it's all about
As hunger made them obtuse
Sneaked in through the fence,
Break into the chicken pens.

The loud screechy clacks
Woke up the men, her guards
With torches and big rods
raced towards the hutch
Thrash the cats to death.

On that fateful dawn

Some wild dogs eye a fawn

The best of the lot

Plan to kill the unskilled tot

Spotty sniffed hazard
Gave alarm calls to warn his herd
on a mound, he stood to watch 
the predators' crouch and approach.

Though it was too late
Made sure his herd is safe
before he darted to
the only known haven,
his devotee's fenced mansion
The hungry pack of dholes 
Angry and dogged firm 
Sprinted, followed him,
till the tall barbed hem.

Without a second thought
With all his might he hopped
Up over the fence
A wild feat in defence 
No deer would never even try.

Rushed out Lotto and Lotty 
to save their dear old buddy 
stood watch at either side 
Barked wildly at the dholes,
as the predators waited dazed
outside the barricades

Out came the landlady
Spotty's ardent devotee,
running all the way
her helpers accompanied, 
armed with sticks and canes.

Her guests too joined them soon,
In zest, to watch the 'fun',
Cameras ready to capture,
The thrilling action that tag after

"Open the gates", scream the woman
"Poor dholes", she tells the men
 "We shouldn't deprive them their food,
chase the deer out it's my order".

The men lunge forward 
start to lash the 'mere' game
Spotty did not panic, 
nor did he flee or race.

In his gentle trotting pace 
he moved out in good grace
right towards the dholes
waiting at the gates.

He stood still, facing them
his charming eyes closed
tears running down his cheeks,
Not hurt by the savage bites.

Busy cameras in a frenzy, 
clicked wild with every bite
Vied the grabby wild dogs
To extract their pound of flesh.

As his body's ripped apart
With the last beat of pained heart,
Died faith and trust, crass
Love thrown to the dogs.

© 2020 Anuj Nair.

All rights reserved.

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