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 The Goat

The Goat- Photo Poem by Anuj Nair

The Goat

"Without knowing what you are

Agitated, uncertain, bitter
Unbewailed acts, you get indulged in
Constantly chew over  trifling things

Desires become intense, severe
you seek to satisfy them, however
without discrimination of right or wrong
burning to mould plans in the phrenic kiln
you become devil incarnate, epitome of sin
Life without peace for self and kin
you diffuse it the world all over
The body-minded living being, poor 
dragged to agony, sorrow and despair
Along with a sin, a sinner is born
Right with the tort, the punishment wrought


The senses and the mind, crave unabated
boundless worldly pleasures uninterrupted
Entire life the fool heedless spends
following all their needless demands.
To entertain the body and the mind,
please the desires of a mortal frame,
gathers an own mound of sins
deep in the hidden dark cabins
concealed along with it's innate beauty
Sweet treasures of golden virtues
Resides frightening figures of misdeeds,
the filth you desperately want obscured.
Scared to open the doors and windows
Afraid to let in a drop of light
Just takes out and display the gold coins
often mixed with many counterfeit ones
to all other mortal frames that dwell around
with similar dark chambers  abound
laden with gold, gilt and filth galore.

The butcher eyes  the goat that's well bred
Cared, protected, guarded, well fed
If lost, the forlorn goat bleats for his guard 
Alarmed, the guardian prays for his prey
The goat's heart melts at the love of his master
Till the poignant very moment of his slaughter

Sacrificial lambs many, you exploited
Many others nurtured, butchered, devoured
Victims, teary-eyed, mutely departed
Butcher gets engrossed seeking the favoured 


From  deep within the dark chambers, unabating
bleats of innocent love, you keep hearing
The more you try subdue or mute it
Louder it sounds, doleful, resonating


© 2019 Anuj Nair.

All rights reserved.

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