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 The Fall

The Fall - A poem by Anuj Nair

The Fall

Didn't hear, did the world tell me?

There's breath I am born 
Disowned by a womb
The birth of one more breath,
the first breath of one more death

Similar breathing bodies 
Name me and define me
Grew the intellect, grey cells
Outgrew ego till it swells

The kite soared high with a dead rat,
chased, followed by its flock
The attention just fugacious
Until the carcass gets dropped

The limelights rudely blind me,
my shadow trail behind me 
As the blazing sun slip behind and forsake me
My dear shadow blaze the trail, 
in toto for my sake, ever without fail

Overshadowed by sublunary shades 
As darkness spread its wings
Poor shadow, cower, take cover
In refuge, yet meekly dissipate 
to arise with its rekindled mate  

Inane musk deer scampers incensed
Seeking its very own incense
The wolf sleeps soundly at high noon
At midnight, to bay at the moon.

Gnats busily gnaw my heart
Learn what's cheating, I get used
I'm exploited, wrung, abused 
used for fun, just to be amused

I learn, in the beguiling  garden, 
the yearning paradise, Eden
the only fruit relished, eaten 
is the one that's forbidden

Precious diamond the beggar hold

is worthless to the world.

A chip of glass with the overlord

priceless made byword. 

The tidily rolled up sleeves often,
Drop down on their own 
can't make a tender rose
tidily bloom by using force

The braids you let loose
Gets tangled on their own
The firmly tied shoelace
on and on gets loose 

Every tick, one more step
back towards the starting line 
can't count the days ahead
just count the days bygone 

Alone I crawled, I won a race
with no laud, cheer or praise
Alone I walk the golden path
no hand to hold my hand 

In the body, nurtured
Beats a heart inured 
To drub, stab, lam  
burnt right by the balm 

From zero back to zero, none to no one
Zero is the path, and zero the remains 
Glow bright before the fall 
Smile right at the wildfire to befall 
Sing a paean of praise to the zephyr
"Haul me down, else fan the fire". 

Races up the raging wildfire
Razing, quenching its desire
As the leaf shrivels, falter, yet don't tire
the Golden flames consummate at the golden hour
the docile golden leaf soon withers and smoulder.  

The spark gets set to leave 
the meek mortal bod
Like a  zealous balsam pod
Ripe, aching to explode 
unbind the minute might
to merge with its source
The eternal supreme force

I lunge my chest upward
Just for one more breath
Many hands can hold and tend
though none of them can lend 
Even one more peaceful suspire
When another 'I' expire.  

Body the machine scuffle
The captain to forsake the vessel
The object that climbed great peaks,
made limpid music to enthral freaks
In limbo till the tummy heaves 
a faint flutter, no further waiting
for the birth of one more breath
the death of one more birth
Didn't hear, did the world tell me?
No breath, I am dead.

© 2020 Anuj Nair.

All rights reserved.

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