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March 17,2021 

"Très belle galerie de la nature qui t'entoure.
J'ai profité pour aller voir tes chansons sur YouTube Bravo"

Didier THEAU

Didier THÉAU

November 19, 2020 

"A superb animal gallery, very good work! Congratulations !!!"


pascal dejoux 

November 17, 2020 

"Superbe galerie qui donne envie de découvrir la biodiversité de votre pays"

Greg Froude

Greg Froude

October 28, 2020

"As a bird photographer myself, I appreciate the wonderful collection of bird photographs of species

which are not commonly seen on Flickr. Thank for sharing your spectacular images!"

Emma Jean

Emma Jane  

October 26, 2020

"A testimony is a truth that comes from the heart, it is written because it feels and appreciates what our eyes can appreciate, from today I will follow you, your work is really wonderful, because it shows us the world that we rarely

stop to observe. . . Your eyes do it and they do it beautifully, thank you for your brilliant and sweet work."


Jean- Claude

October 16, 2020 

"Des photos magnifiques..."


Ulrich Scharwächter

May 22, 2020

"Tolle Fotos, es ist mir eine Freude in Ihrer Galerie zu stöbern. Vielen Dank für das Teilen."

Annys Fotowelt

Annys Fotowelt

May 22, 2020

"Eine fantastische Bildergalerie mit wunderschönen Aufnahmen! Superbe! TOP!!!
Gratulation zu Deiner hervorragenden Arbeit!!

Thierry Shaun

Thierry Shaun  

May 4, 2020

"It's lot pictures, it's stories… Thank you, a wonderful travel in our wonderful world. Could it persists… ;)"

Nicola Anzoletti

Nicola Anzoletti

April 30, 2020

"Congratulations, beautiful photos!"

Buddy icon of Milan Cvetanovic

Milan Cvetanovic  

April 30, 2020

"Anuj, you have mighty skills for nature photography, a good eye and sense for aesthetics, you channel

these glimpses of the abundant wildlife of India impressively! Keep up the creative work, appreciate your constant support, much thanks! Take care and stay safe! Kindest greets from (currently) Krakow, Poland!"



December 3, 2019

"Whatta beautiful photostream, so fine work; congrats"

Bernie Pearson

Bernie Pearson    

November 11, 2019 

"Birds are sooooo hard to photograph. I've tried so many times and have so little to show for it.

Anuj your bird pics are sensational."



November 10, 2019

"Magnifique galerie ! Un régal pour les yeux, bravo, et merci l'artiste pour ce partage ! J'adore !!! Amitiés !"

Marie du Val Couesnon

~~Marie du Val Couesnon~~    

October 20, 2019 

"Galerie magnifique et soignée!"


Günther Huth   

October 18, 2019

"Brilliant !!!
Greetings from the former GDR ...



October 10, 2019 

"Thank you for sharing your fabulous gallery! The quality of your pictures is phenomenal!"

Wim Berlijn

Wim Berlijn    

September 23, 2019 

"Anuj Nair, You are a great photographer, your photostream is fantastic !!!"



August 21, 2019

"Anuj's wildlife images are second to none, a joy to see."

Dave Knight

Dave Knight

August 7, 2019 


Buddy icon of Clinda Azul

Clinda Azul   

July 28, 2019

"bellísima tu galeria.gracias."



July 27, 2019 

"Une magnifique galerie. Amitiés, Richard"

Buddy icon of Jacques Chardonnet

jacques chardonnet   

July 27, 2019

"Vos photos sont magnifiques. Merci."



July 12, 2019 

"Your work is absolutely wonderful, I am honored that you include my photo in your preferences.
Su trabajo es absolutamente increible, estoy muy agradecida por incluir una foto mia en sus preferencias.



July 4, 2019

"Beautiful work thank you so much for sharing."

rene noel lopez

rene noel lopez

June 10, 2019 

"Vous avez une belle galerie, très diversifiée et pleine de couleurs !!!!."

Buddy icon of Innate Sky

Innate Sky

May 4, 2019

"Une jolie galerie colorée, des photos variées et bien traitées!.bravo!"



April 14, 2018 

"Hi ! Superb work and splendid gallery ! Congratulations. Daniel."

Pierluigi Pietrobono

Pierluigi Pietrobono

February 25, 2018

"Anuj Nair è testimone fotografo di come la bellezza e l'arte si sposino nella natura . E' un grandissimo

piacere guardare le sue fotografie."

Laval Roy

Laval Roy

February 23, 2018 

"All of your photographs are just amazing. You're an exceptional photographer."

Gaylon Yancy

Gaylon Yancy

February 23, 2018

"Beautiful colors and excellent gallery! Keep up the great work."

Johannes Frickenstein

Johannes Frickenstein

February 20, 2018 

"Großartige wunderschöne Bilder. Mein Kompliment...…"

Xerardo RB


February 17, 2018

"Fantástica galería, gracias por compartirla."


Giampiera Dettori

December 22, 2017 

"Complimenti! Bellissime foto in particolare quelle di uccelli! Complimenti ancora!"



December 17, 2017

"Most incredible nature photography ever, excellent compositions."

Fernando Pangare

Fernando Pangaré

September 17, 2013 

"One of the biggest names in photography from India!"

Indira Nair

Indira Nair

April 14, 2017

"A contact since 2010...... a very close friend, philosopher and guide ...still I am not the person to write a testimonial for Anuj...
His work is his testimonial! Just stepped in to express my gratitude and appreciation, Anuj...​
As proud as the lion he holds

His head high that he never bends!

The conviction in his ideals to behold

Never surrenders for an enticing covenant.

Words he juggles with ease and elan,

Weaves a magical tapestry of thoughts

That envelops the mind and essence

Much to say that is stimulating and erudite!

Sound and light are his tools ethereal

Oh! A mastery that makes us spellbound!

Blessed is the soul with skills celestial,

A creativity that leaves us enchanted!"

Michel Lebel-Dumis

Michel Lebel-Dumis 

September 29, 2013 

"Anuj Nair...Un artiste peu connu en France... mais dont le travail artistique mérite le détour

(musique, photos, vidéos, poèmes...).À découvrir !!!"

Simon Whitney

Simon Whitney

September 4, 2016

"One of the finest photostreams I Have ever Viewed!"

Firoze Shakir

firoze shakir 

December 3, 2013 

"Anuj Nair a composite fireball of talent live wire ..i met him today a cosmic accident of karmic fate ..

just when i was about to retire ...from chaotic calisthenics of human desire ..

bequeathing my breath on my grand children a hope i aspire"

Gabriela Catalina

Gabriela Catalina

November 26, 2012


all your pictures are what you mind has imagined.....:)"

Stephen Riley

Steve Riley

November 6, 2012 

"Anuj is a loyal supporter once he is your "friend" on Flickr. He is a great wild life photographer himself

but always sees the best in other peoples work."



December 2, 2011

"Anuj is a good friend of mine here in Flickr. Very lovely and supportive. He is an asset to community so keep in

touch with him. Keep up the good work and stay happy and healthy always my friend."

Karthik Jayaraman

Kartik Jayaraman

September 22, 2011 

"Anuj is a fun person, a very good photographer and a great Flick friend! I always love seeing your work, Anuj.

Your nature shots, bird shots and all the creative shots you have in your stream are amazing and inspiring.

The art and culture photos from Anuj brings the true colors and culture of Kerela to the whole world.

Great work my friend! Cheers!."

Buddy icon of H.R.Hatfield

H.R. Hatfield

September 19, 2011

"Anuj is a very dedicated and gifted element of flickr. His talents as a photographer shine in a most

interesting photostream. His loyalty to his contacts demonstrates a willingness to invest the time to share his

words and give support to all. His Poetry set is filled with beautiful words that are accompanied by stunning

images that set the mood. I am so honored to have Anuj in my list of friends and contacts.

Keep up the great work my friend, HR"

Fahid Chowdhury

Fahid Chowdhury

May 13, 2011 

"Anuj Nair is an exceptional photographer. He is one of the few photographers in flickr I admire most.

His ability from behind the lens is amazing. He has attracted a large number of followers and I am one of them.

Thank you very much for all your support."

Munna-Shiv Nagar

munna-shiv nagar

April 28, 2011

"You are a great photographer and your photostream is really amazing !."



March 5, 2011 

"Such is a brilliant photographer and singer. It is always a pleasure to see his pictures."



February 7, 2011

"I love Anuj photography and enjoy the way he crop the world into his camera :)."

Abril Cortes

Abril Cortés

January 30, 2011 

"Anuj is a real man. true humanity, which recognizes himself, made of skin, bones and more ... True to feel ...

True to act .... This combined with its sensitivity makes it through cause and effect in a great photographer

and artist. truly loving. A happy man with whom I hope to share in a trip to India. Natalia"



January 9, 2011

"Anuj is an amazing talent and a wonderful human being, with his photography he has opened many creative

windows and accompanied with his talent for poetry this allows us to enjoy a unique visual journey.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Anuj for filling our hearts with your vision, your art and the richness

of your soul."

Kaaviyam Photography

காவியம் Kaaviyam Photography

November 26, 2009 

"Actually I am speechless when I wanted to write about my dear friend Anuj!! Well, I try my best! I am always

admired by his amazing talents as a Great Photographer, Poet, Singer, Composer, Director, Artist, Journalist .....

more than that, he is a wonderful soul, a lovely friend, philosopher and guide (for me!). I am inspired and motivated

by his wonderful yet powerful poems and great philosophical thoughts combined with awesome pictures!!

Anuj is the one who continuously encouraging me a lot with his lovely and lively comments, favs etc from the time

when I started my flickr journey ... nearly 20 months back!! I am so glad that I have met him through

flickr!! :-)) Dear Anuj!!! Thanks a lot for your friendship and your continuous support keep inspiring us everyday

with your wonderful work!! Wish you all the very best for your successful journey forever in all your artistic

endeavors !! :-) Anbudan, Mallika"

Aishath Azleena

Aishath Azleena

May 3, 2009

"hello Anuj. I am speechless to write a testimonial for you. let me try... your a so sweet & kind friend met in Flickr.

I always loved your unique shots & later you gave me a huge shock by your poetry. Your so talented. Always make

me smile by your words & so much thanks to you kind & sweet words to my daughter every time. Really proud to

have you as a close friend , hope to meet you one day soon. words cannot explain the feel in those cute shots.

Keep the all inspiring pics coming they are adorable. ^_^"


chhayapath :-)

April 1, 2009 

"He is a poet.........a artist........ a photographer.........& a lovely friend......

So you can call him " an all in one package"!!!! Its an honor to have him as a friend! Thanks a lot for your

kind words & support! God bless you. Farhana"



March 8, 2009

"It's a joy and a pleasure to have the opportunity to visit the extraordinary world of Anuj's photo stream .

Anuj is the photographer that takes pictures with the depth of his hearth and soul . He has an artistic eye and

creates unique compositions with amazing precision and highest quality . His pictures are warm, creative,

precise, delicate and exceptional . Anuj, it's a privilege to be your Flickr friend. Thank you for that. You are

very faithful to your Flickr contacts and friends, your regularly comments are priceless . I am always excited

what will come next on your splendid stream . Anuj, keep going on, thank you for all your fabulous and

precious photos so full of love . Your fan, Heni from Belgium"

Anoop Negi

Anoop Negi

February 12, 2009 

"Anuj Nair's photos are nothing short of stunning! I love to see something new in my photo stream along with

at times some brilliant gems of poetical masterpieces.. His range of photos is diverse and not only are his flowers

and insects and birds beautiful...but they are so well exposed and can look out across the photo and

feel as though you are there.with the photographer when he was shooting the photos. A hugely gifted and talented

guy, he is a wonderful person."

Lemon Lady

Lemon Lady

December 21, 2008

"Anuj-A poet with the camera, a prolific artist of the highest order. What a great spirit shining through his

photography. I thank you for being a thoughtful and caring human being as well as always taking the time to say something nice about my photography. Thanks again Anuj. I look forward to viewing your wonderful images."

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Ye Tun

Ye Tun

October 6, 2008 

"I am very happy as a friend of Anuj. Since I had joined in Flickr, he encouraging me more and more. All of his

words are warmly and come through his heart. And I love his original photography. I am really wondering that

he spent his time with his Flickr Friends. Anuj, Thanks for your being friendship and hope that long lasting. Tun"



September 28, 2008

"Anuj is such a wonderful person. He is so talented with writing, music and photography. From the first day I

started viewing his photostream, I was hooked. I am very fortunate to call this special man my friend.

Thanks for all your support, Anuj. You are such a great person."

Aswathi Varma

Aswathi Varma

September 19, 2008 

"A great photographer, poet, singer and composer ! Anuj is not only a great friend but also a philosopher and guide

for me ! He's a great soul, having an abiding faith in goodness and humanity. I remember his face with his

disarming and enchanting smile which helps me brighten up when I am in the blues. A great upholder of truth,

beauty and beatitude, he taught me the significance of personal philosophy in our lives. I know him as a man with

a message in every move he makes & he may often be mistaken as an eccentric by the layman. I remember Anuj

whenever I read one of my favourite books, 'As I Lay Dying',by William Faulkner.

I love and respect you lots dear Anuj. :-)"

Shabbir Ferdous

Shabbir Ferdous

August 4, 2008

"Anuj is a friendly guy and one of the popular person in the flickr. His works are interesting and well presented.

its a treat to watch it, i wish Anuj all the best and looking forward to see more from him:") "

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July 20, 2008 

"Anuj has been my friend forever... His photography is second to none... He shoots with his heart, together with a

perfect eye for detail.. His subjects are always of great interest to all who care to 'see'... Dare to step into his

world... then, prepare to be amazed! His friendship is warm, sincere, supportive and always with a happy smile...

His friendship transcends, time and space... Try for yourself, you will be glad you did...

Thank you Flickr for your 'gift'"

PC-My Shots@Photography

PC - My Shots@Photography

July 16, 2008

"Hi Anuj, I just want to pen down my thoughts, I'm amazed by your photography. Your love for nature..especially

bird watching is amazing. Your eye for detail is so obvious in your photographs. I would like to thank you for

visiting my snaps, guess it's an honor :) Also thanks for those feedbacks :) Wishing you great success in your photography(hobby/profession) Thanks, Biju Chandroth"

BChira Arfaoui

bchira arfaoui

July 15, 2008 

"You're a good photographer and you are very kind and encouraging so please don't change your friend from Tunisia"



June 25, 2008

"Anuj is a flickr friend and an awesome photographer. Sometime you run into a photographers and ask yourself,

how did I miss this work all these time! Well, I had expressed just that. He is brilliant at capturing some of the

beautiful view of nature in still format. Take sometime and watch his stream as you will be mesmerize by his brilliant work. I admire his work very much and thrilled to be one of his friend. I learn many techniques from his mastery

work and hope to learn as we continue this great hobby. Anuj, keep up the wonderful work that you do my friend.

And last but not least, thank you very much for all your support and encouragement with my adventure!"

Photos from Angel


June 5, 2008 

"Anuj has a great talent in photography and shares it with all of us through flickr. He allows us to see the world

through his eyes, which I consider a blessing. His work is inspiring and motivating to others. He is very encouraging

to other members and always has words of inspiration to share. I’m glad I met Anuj through flickr and can enjoy

his personal works of art!"

Stephen B Whatley

Stephen B Whatley

May 6, 2008

"Anuj is a talented photographer with a particular gift for capturing unique and striking vibrant details in nature -

indeed the earth; and his beautiful photographs are often accompanied by poetic titles and descriptions of depth and sensitivity. Thank you Anuj for the visual delights that you create - inspired by your heartfelt appreciation of the world. Sincerely, Stephen B Whatley, London, UK."


8 SίMpLe RuLeS

March 29, 2008 

"Anuj is a great photographer and friend. His wonderful photos are manifestation of his love for photography.

His encouragement shows how great he is as a friend! I'm glad we've met in Flickr. Thanks for your friendship

and thanks for sharing the beauty around you!"

Buddy icon of Mulayath


March 24, 2008

"Visiting Anuj Nair's photostream is like visiting a school of photography! His innate quality of seeing

beauty in everything(no wonder, simple things,looks beautiful ,through his lens!), makes all his picture a visual treat! Wishing him all the best in all the endeavours of art as I see him as a complete artist!"

Selvi Krishnaraj

selvi krishnaraj

February 6, 2008 

"Anuj, my dear friend Anuj!!!! He's a gem of a person, for an opening!!! He's a great friend & a great photographer,

all wrapped in ONE!! A mind full of creativity & a heart full of kindness! Keep rocking Anuj! May God bless you

with all the sweetest things on earth! --big hugs!!"



January 14, 2008

"Anuj your are a smart photographer you so talented i like your shots so creative thx for your time and for

passing by and sharing ur opinion about my photos . you are a good flickr friend. Wich u the best alwaysssssss

tc and keep in touch"

Pierce Place

Pierce Place

January 11, 2008 

"While no doubt one of the best photographers on Flickr, Anuj always takes the time to visit other's photostreams

and compliments them on their work as well. I have enjoyed his compliments and appreciate them immensely.

Best of all, I have enjoyed seeing his work in all of its splendid quality!"

Daewoo Purbiya

Devendra Purbiya

December 20, 2007

"He is an amazing photographer ... his personality reflects from his photos... a beautiful collection of photos ...

brilliant ideas from time to time ... and executed so beautifully ... he sings pretty well too ..."



December 9, 2007 

"Anuj is one of the most talented photographers that I have encountered until now among my Flickr friends and

I am always amazed about the newest jewel of his presented for us to see here. He takes the time to check the

photos of his friends too, and is always warm and considerate with all of us ;) (THANK YOU!) If you take the time

and see all of his galeries you'll rest amazed as much as I was, and will see the world through his eyes,

which is more than just an experience - for real :)"

Sara Michael

sara michael

November 5, 2007

"His photos are an inspiration and always a pleasure to view. He is a great contact to have spending time to

comment on mine and other's also." Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing."

Jasbir Singh

Jasbir Singh

October 5, 2007 

"To write a testimonial about such a talented person with so varied interests as ANUJ is a very difficult and to

not to write, is not only next to impossible but a great injustice also. The quality of his photographs can be judged

from one simple fact that he posted his first photograph on Aug29' 2006 and his first photograph on explore is

dated Aug31' 2006. Just 2 days on flickr and on explore. Another fact to note, out of 14 photographs uploaded in Sep'2007 more than 10 are in explore. That's a great feat and most probably unequaled by anyone on flickr.

When I read in his profile that he is a singer and musician too, it doesn't surprise me, since his photographs are

music for eyes and were filled with the notes of love, of caring attitude. I regret that I never had the opportunity

to hear his voice, really missing it a lot . A man with a charming personality, alway perfect with his Ps and Qs,

Very quick witted he has a wonderful sense of humor that encompasses a very wide sphere, from being cheesy to

weird (akin to mine). He is best friend to friends and maybe bitter foe to enemies (this is a plain guess, but maybe

100% correct, so don't try to be one.) One can fill his coffers with faves and comments by making him a flickr friend.

To sum up , He is a gem of a person who is equally good at both sides of camera. Really proud to have a friend

like him in my contacts."



September 26, 2007

"Dear Anuj. I took the occasion to stroll through your many galleries and was rewarded by a multitude of striking

images. Any photographer who can attract even the slight attention of a master of the camera such as yourself

would be pleased. Best Regards Art4tos"

Buddy icon of Shanzil


September 24, 2007 

"It is a life's experience to go through Anuj's pictures. I developed immense interest in understanding photography

as an art only after looking at his pictures. I am otherwise an ordinary 'click and go' photographer. His eye for

beauty in all that he sees around him and his immense sense of sensitivity towards nature and its creation is commendable. That is why each photograph of his is an art by itself. His innate power seems to lie in being able

to capture what he sees, and what he and the rest would not see, if not captured through the lenses, so well.

I find an extraordinary person in Anuj, behind the camera. Thank you for your wonderful pictures."

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