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The Flow

The Flow - A Photo poem by Anuj Nair

The Flow

At midstream you stand, the flowing current

touch your feet, transient, fleeting, in an instant.

Flows the water current, constantly touching you

How many cusecs of it, you think, belongs to you ?

Either consider the entire water current is yours

else be certain, really nothing of it is yours

What you belong to is what that belongs to you

Yet, own nothing of the Whole that you belong to
Only class of conscious force is at work

in all parts of each thing of everything Here

All five elements have come into existence

by reason of distinct discrimination of essence
Comfort and discomfort experienced by the senses

Chemical reactions of different types of substances

which collide with the senses in different conditions

and create subtle , entirely varied vibrations
All mental and physical substance, existent

Are part of the incessant flowing force, consistent

Substances flow unceasing, uninterrupted

Your belongings are eternal, unlimited.
Immortal Soul is pure, in union with One

'I' am part of the Whole, which contains me.

Whole is One, a part of which 'I' am wholly

at one with the One, the Whole belongs to me.

© 2015 Anuj Nair.
All rights reserved.

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