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I / Eye

I/Eye- A Photo poem by Anuj Nair

 I / Eye

I see thousand little frames, in a fraction of a minute
Every shade, every light, every sight so minute
What eyes see alas ! is not what I see
What I see alas ! is not what you see.

Eyes that behold a thousand dreams, so vivid
Every thought, every emotion, every desire, so vivid
Alas ! belongs to one tiny frame in a fraction of a minute
Still my thoughts, emotions, desire are so myself, though so minute

Eyes, window of my soul, see what I wish to see
I see in your eyes, reflection of my deep self, I wish to see
Eyes, devoid of light ponder the vision of light
In the light of the day, when I am open, partly blind, partly visible, for my soul

© 2008 Anuj Nair.

All rights reserved.

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