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 Special are You

Special Are You is a poem written by Anuj Nair. It is a Picture poem / Photo poem.

Special are You

Special are you in this world, you fought a battle to be born.

Seasons so many in a single day, but always a summer smile did I see,
Smiling away those silly blues , precious moments did pass by,
Saved to stand so many a season, just in a single day.

So gentle is your touch, so flowery your words,
Sense and my sensibilities pass through flames of sensuousness
Single frame of your lovely action, re-lives again and again from
Sweet fragrance of love you leave behind.

Special are you in this world, you are loved like never before,
Reasons not too many, you are the special one, born from a battle,
Withering away of mindless beauty, rarely makes my heart
Not to miss a beat for you.

© 2008 Anuj Nair.
All rights reserved.

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