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Ocean is a poem written by Anuj Nair. It is a Picture poem / Photo poem about Ocean..


O ! Ocean, seat of gems so precious
And riches not yet measured.
What treasures you keep, for whom?
From where have you acquired so much
You are a vast expanse like the sky,
Limitless, impregnable and fierce
But yet, though boiling aqua today
Where you not vapour yesterday
And ice benumbing tomorrow be ?

You are the source and means of life,

Benign mother of the protoplasm.
Rich in food rare and costly, nay
Everything big, small useful or not
Is in your stock, in that womb,
Unbounded, held under your sway
In contradiction to the laws of nature.
Why ? you are nature itself.
Is there one to enforce law on you ?

Wonderful are your ways O! Ocean.
At times calm and composed you remain,
At times you ebb and sweep like a train;
Now you roar like a lion,
Now you lisp like a lamb too nice;
Playing still the music of the waves.
Though in that inner heart is eternal peace
To me you are the dark blue ocean
To your frost white, but no colour you own.

An embodiment you are
Of bounteousness and generosity.
As the Lord supreme and mighty,
It is the cool refreshing air, I know
Your life breath itself, you give,
That sustains life in the universe,
What to speak of your salinity,
That enlivens the entire living world
And savours the dishes of the poor and rich alike .


© 2008 Anuj Nair.

All rights reserved.

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