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 Length of Life

'Length of Life' is a poem written by Anuj Nair. It is a Picture poem / Photo poem.

Length of Life

Is death something new in the stock
Of events stored for mortals sake ?
By Nature from it's early wake
Scented blooms although shorter lives may take.


Length of life is not the mark

A human holds, a golden hook
To fish his laurels or to gain
His ends in life avoiding stake,
But the way he acts before its break.

Life of man from where it comes
And how in body lingers who knows ?
And who is to pronounce
It's form or size, and its immanence
Are we able to know ? poor souls

To let you see your sun set at noon
O ! hapless would it ever be ?
For irretrievable, if it is to happen
Could you dear mom bear the pain ?

Hurled unto darkness, what more to add
From the world to depart is sad
But to part with the one, prideless to you in life
Would it be so hard indeed ?

© 2008 Anuj Nair.
All rights reserved.

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