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Who Art Thou ?

Who Art Thou? is a poem written by Anuj Nair. It is a Picture poem / Photo poem.

 Who Art Thou ?

Who art thou
Friend or foe ?
Hide and seek
Is your play
When you lay
In the recess of my weak
Vacillating mind
Bundles of desires
To build castles in the air
All enwrapt
In feathers of gold

You revolve your wheel

And generate

In the flimsy leaves

And petals of my lotus heart

The fuss of strength

And vitality.

Yes, you intoxicate

Its stainless blades

With your hottest

Sinful stimulants

Of shady shapes,

And bewitching hues.

You plunge that plant

So sensitive

In the ocean of objects

Too glittering

And lure and enchant

As to keep it

In your clutches

Ha ! vile and deceptive

Pest that thou art.

In your seeming bed of roses

While this poor dove roosts
You pour on it
Your doses of venom
Of fright and doubt
And let it falter,
Faint and fall
To dangerous depths
And get all shattered
Its cherished dreams.

Ha ! Intellect
Why you sleep
And let this ape
Leap from branch to bough
Of the tree of my life
And make it taste
The fruits, bitter,
Sweet or sour
Born of this devil mind.
Reigns of decision
Don't you wield
To check the onslaughts
Of this mischievous Mind.

If you fail, Intellect !
I'll invoke my Lord, the self
Within, the witness
And judge in one.
Sure, would he come
And rescue soon
This soul so poor
And helpless sheer
Victim indeed
Fallen unawares
Into the hands of minister Mind.

© 2008 Anuj Nair.
All rights reserved.

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