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 The Rose I Watered in My Soul

The Rose I Watered In My Soul is a poem written by Anuj Nair. It is a Picture poem / Photo poem.

The Rose I Watered in My Soul

Fresh from the garden of heaven,

Where eves and elves danced, mindless of time,

Fell a soul tortured during her tender prime,

To be hardened by soil that lay so barren.

Years went by, sun shone on her pretty face,

When a little scoop of cloud could have played on her.
Rains lashed at her, dashing her pride,
When the warmth of a beating heart and caring hands could have held her close

She lay there motionless, listless and fearless
Waiting for nothing to happen, mindless of time,
Did that hand reach out to her, touching her tender heart,
To be nurtured by love and patience

Here she is from the garden of heaven , in my garden,
Watered and nurtured, in spite of mindless thorns,
I play like a cloud, showered a million kisses,
Washing her soul of every little pain,

Hey Rose, my only one - I watered you in my very own soul !

© 2009 Anuj Nair.
All rights reserved.

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