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 It Rained At Night

It Rained At Night is a poem written by Anuj Nair. It is a Picture poem / Photo poem about rain at night..

It Rained At Night

On a summer day
In the middle of heat and dust,
Cool surprise summer showers
Got us curled in our own heat,
Moistening the rough edges of our lives.

On the summer night
Saw those sparkling reflections,
Of mighty lightening on soft little droplets.
Musical notes reaching a crescendo,
Gushing the heavenly water down the path.

On this summer dawn
The night went by as a dreamer's dream.
At the break of dawn the world look'd so different !
Every single leaf, so fresh and fulfilled
Kissed by tender cool breeze,
On a summer day....


© 2008 Anuj Nair.
All rights reserved.

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