A moments respite, that summer eve , I sat
Indeed mum, without a thought,
When I heard her voice, not strange
But alluring with a tinge
Of sensuality in its range,
To thrill my heart and lend my ears.

Slowly accosted she,
"Dear, I pray pardon me
For this intrusion into this hour
Of peace and tranquility, just
Worried am I , to tell you why
Words don't come, they are shy


Oh dear ! How could I, a girl
Of my age, her anguish unveil
When it touches her very heart
The soft most part of it really
With heat unbearable and alarming
Of the hurdles to be encountered on its path".

With her lying on my lap, I thought
What providence has her led
To this plight, to take rest
On my lap, sad and tired
Is it a test ? Impediments put
on two loving hearts

"Oh dear !" looking up she said,
"God bless us ! tomorrow I bid
At this hour shall we meet".
Leaving me with a sigh so quiet
She fled to join her sinless friends
The flowers and butterflies in her garden.

At twilight the next day, weeping
And pressing her plumpy breast
Against my chest, clinging tight
to my neck, she somehow said,
"Lord, I am yours I know, but
Why am I to leave you now ?"

"I believe in Love, I tell you"
With a deep sigh she said
"Be firm, bother not about me
We will meet again be sure".
She for certain spoke the Will of Love
For at last, I proceed to meet her again.


© 2010 Anuj Nair.
All rights reserved.

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