After reaching sweet home, can anyone forget
The route to it, yet why should one care ?
Desire, anger, greed and lust so enchanting
Obstructions in the golden illusory path you follow
Drag you into the net of troubles and sorrow

Let go, unbind, float and drift
With the flow; bother not about it's course
Let the Self grow, expand and stretch
To the extreme that the worldly bonds burst
And the essence merge with it's Omnipotent Source

A seal of clarity on mental horizon,
Of the true form of the Immortal Self
Power and resources with such deep impression
That can never be effaced throughout the entire span of life
Every other matter, besides 'I' in me
Are tied to me, not 'I' to them.


© 2011 Anuj Nair.
All rights reserved.

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