Own Compositions

From the album 'Simple Truth',

 released in May 2000.

Music Video

released on

29 September 2020.

Don't Let Me Down

Written, composed, arranged and sung by Anuj Nair.

Video scripted, directed and produced by Anuj Nair.

℗ 2000 Anuj Nair / © 1999 Anuj Nair.

All rights reserved.





My Love For You-still.png

My Love For You


Simple Truth

Open Your Mind-still.png

Open Your Mind

Face The Truth-still.png

Face The Truth

Play Up-still.png

Play Up

Blame Thy Momus-still.jpg

Blame Thy Momus

You Belong To Me Alone-still.png

You Belong To Me Alone

My Heart Is Bleeding-Still.png

My Heart Is Bleeding

Life Games-still1.png

Life Games