Here and There

Here and There

Here you are ! I am done with my day

In my life ; all day is just another day

Every day my sun showers crystals on dew drops

On the never falling lustrous hair of paddy crops

Painted lips flutter among the clutters of flowers,
Kissing each one ever so gentle, devoid of powers,
On that special one does he persist for too long,
Oh ! Did I miss that lovely little song?

Rushed to push itself to the final bliss,
Gurgling and rustling along to the abyss
Few little drops of love gave into my sun,
As vapours, as clouds , as rain it shall begun

Far on that mountain lives my sun, ever so bright
Hiding sometimes in the curves so light
Here and there, he is in a never ending flight
There you are ! He is done with his day !


© 2011 Anuj Nair.
All rights reserved.

© 2020 Anuj Nair. All rights reserved